The Mining and Industrial Safety Technology and Training Innovation (MISTTI) project consisted of five major tasks with multiple subtasks. Over time the exact deliverables were modified. For example, a Mine Crisis Management Handbook training document was added after the Upper Big Branch disaster, as was an update to a 2007 mine rescue training inventory.


This page organizes the work done to support the MISTTI project according to the five tasks:



Task 1: Management/Administrative Core

This task has two components, the overall management and administration of the MISTTI project, and the evaluation of the project. There is no deliverable for the management component (other than the accomplishment of all the other tasks).


The goal of the evaluation process is to assist project task directors, leadership, and team members to maximize outputs and outcomes for all MISTTI project tasks. Evaluation activities focus on ascertaining to what degree and with what measurable criterion each task is relevant (focused on meaningful topics) and having or showing potential for significant impact to improve health and safety practices in the mining industry. The evaluation (Task 1.1) will be presented as a major part of the Final Progress Report closeout documents within the next 90 days. Here is information about two presentations at national evaluation meetings on the MISTTI evaluation process:


Evaluating Mining Safety and Health Training, Technology Transfer, and Communications.

American Evaluation Association annual meeting, November 2011, Anaheim, CA.


The interview process related to an evaluation of a mining, safety, and health project: challenging contexts and conversations.

American Evaluation Association annual conference, October 2012, Minneapolis, MN. Roundtable Presentation 843.



Task 2: Worker Safety Training

This is a series of comprehensive instructional materials built on modern approaches to pedagogy for adult learning.


Task 2.1: Toolbox Training: Mine Safety

33 scenarios in general mine safety topics based on reports of actual fatal accidents.




 Workbook: Toolbox Training: Mine Safety


 Toolbox Training Evaluation Form


 Sticker: "Get Out And Look" (GOAL)


 Sticker: "Stop Look Analyze Manage" (SLAM)


 Sticker: "Continuous Safety"


Task 2.2: Dust Management: Protecting Your Health

Highlights health hazards and other dangers that dust presents in underground and surface mining.




 Instructor Workbook: Dust Management: Protecting Your Health


 Supplemental Resources


 Student Workbook: Dust Management: Protecting Your Health


 Powerpoint Presentation: Dust Management: Protecting Your Health


 Dust Management Evaluation Form


 Sticker: "It's a Must to Control the Dust"



Task 2.3: Table Top Exercises

A training tool for mines to discuss their plans and procedures in the context of an emergency scenario.




 Tabletop Exercises: Mine Safety Instructor Handbook

 PowerPoint Presentation: Tabletop Exercises for Mine Emergency Response (Train-the-Trainer)

 PowerPoint Presentation: Eagle Creek Mine Tabletop Exercise

 Tabletop Exercise Debrief Summary Form

 Tabletop Exercise Participant Feedback Form



Training Dissemination


Exercises: The Swiss Army Knife of Emergency Preparedness

Training Resources Applied to Mining (TRAM) Conference, October 2011, Beaver, WV.


Exercises are vital to the emergency planning process. They are a practical way for miners and operators to develop problem-solving, decision-making, communication, and leadership skills needed to escape or respond to a mine emergency or disaster. Exercises identify areas that are proficient and those that need improvement. Lessons learned from exercises can be used to revise emergency response plans, and provide a basis for training to improve proficiency in executing those plans. This presentation introduced participants to the value of conducting exercises and highlight ways exercises can help at different stages of training programs. The session provided an overview of exercise design, conduct, evaluation, and improvement planning. It featured additional training and documentation tools offered by the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) that can be adapted and applied to mine safety.  Twenty-four mine safety trainers participated in this workshop discussion.




 Exercises: Swiss Army Knife

17th Annual Training Materials Competition

Training Resources Applied to Mining (TRAM) Conference, October 2012, Beaver, WV.


Wheeling Jesuit University’s Center for Educational Technologies submitted Toolbox Training and Dust Management training materials to the Mine Safety and Health Administration, National Mine Health and Safety Academy’s annual training materials competition. Toolbox Training was recognized with a first place award as the best printed material entry in the competition. Both Toolbox Training and Dust Management were disseminated to approximately 300 conference participants. Eighty-three conference participants visited the MISTTI exhibition booth for more information regarding the MISTTI project.




 Toolbox Training Certificate


 Dust Management Certificate






Tabletop Exercises for Mine Emergency Response

International Society of Mine Safety Professionals, Critical Issues Conference, June 2013, Breakout Session, Austin TX.


As mines become safer and disasters fewer, there are smaller numbers of miners experienced in handling emergencies. Tabletop exercises offer an effective method for discussing plans, procedures, and policies in the context of an emergency scenario before investing the high level of time, cost, and resources necessary for a functional or full-scale exercise. Tabletops can motivate miners to think as they would in a real event and to solve problems as a group. This break out session modeled facilitating and evaluating a tabletop exercise for an underground coal mine emergency. Twenty individuals from industry and regulatory agencies attended the break-out sessions and provided feedback information. Additionally, the team staffed a conference exhibition booth where both the Toolbox Training and Dust Management modules were displayed and disseminated.




 Tabletop Exercises for Mine Emergency Response


Active Training and Tabletop Exercises for Prevention and Preparedness

36th Annual Mine Trainers Association Conference, September 2013, Whittington, IL.


There is a continuous need to improve training strategies to better enable miners to identify, avoid, prevent, and respond to unsafe working conditions in underground mines. Active training and tabletop exercises have emerged over time as reliable methods for enhancing understanding and retention of information, critical thinking, and decision making. This session provided examples of training strategies for topics such as hazard recognition, coal dust, and ventilation. It introduced tabletop exercise resources that trainers can use to motivate miners to apply knowledge to realistic scenarios, solve problems as a group, and take an active responsibility for their learning. Thirty-eight trainers attended the presentation and received copies of Toolbox Training and Dust Management.




 Active Training and Tabletop Exercises


Task 4: International Mining Health and Safety Symposium


The Mining and Industrial Safety Technology and Training Innovation (MISTTI) project orchestrated a symposium: Wheeling Jesuit University’s 4th International Mining Health & Safety Symposium that was held April 7-8, 2011, at the Charleston Civic Center in Charleston, WV.




 Agenda (PDF)

 Greetings from Senator Jay Rockefeller (video)


Select Presentations

 MSHA Mine Emergency Operations


 MSHA Communications and Tracking Update


 MEU New Technologies


 NIOSH Emergency Technologies Research and Development




Mine Safety Award


During the MISTTI work it was decided that the project would present The Mine Safety Technology Innovation Award to a successful mine safety project or organization. The award was presented on April 30, 2013 to Academy for Mine Training and Energy Technologies, Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College..



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